Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm interested to find out a bit more, is there any commitment?

No. just call or email one of our friendly staff who'll explain everything to you and can confirm in writing if you wish. There's no obligation whatsoever to go ahead.

Is there a cost?

No. We don't charge you a penny and will even cover your solicitor's bill. You don't need an estate agent either.
The price we pay is what you'll receive although remember you'll need to pay off any mortgage or loan that's registered against the property.

Do you pay the full price?

No we'll offer a cash price a bit below what you might (or might not) get on the open market. It's a bit like trading in a car, you don't get 100% value but it makes life much easier!

Why would I sell to you?

In short, you don't have to if it doesn't suit.
However 100's of people a year find that the assurance of a cash offer and no fees to pay helps them budget and plan their move more easily than going onto the market with no guarantee of a buyer, chain problems, fall throughs and so on.

How do you earn if you don't charge any fees?

We get asked this a lot! We buy your property and cover all the costs.
When the sale has completed, you have your money and have moved out, we remarket the property and hope to get a higher price. Sometimes we make a profit and sometimes we don't but that's up to us to worry about!

Are you sure there's no catch?

100% sure! We pay cash. There's no tie-in to us whatsoever.
Just the contract of sale for the property which your solicitor will check for you. You can change your mind at any time before contracts of sale exchange but in reality most people don't because they are happy with everything.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes. We abide by a Code of Conduct produced independently by The Property Ombudsman that ensures we do everything properly and stick to what we say.

Do you buy any type of property?

Yes. Residential, commercial, house, flat, bungalow. Any condition. Short leases or structural issues aren't an issue either. We will give you a cash offer, whatever it is you're looking to sell.

How long does it take?

We can usually make a formal offer within 24 hours of contact and if accepted the sale is put into solicitors hands.
It usually takes around 14 days from there but it can take longer if you prefer, for example if you want more time to pack or find somewhere else to live. Just tell us what suits and we'll do our very best to fit in.

Do sales fall through?

We do not change our minds on any purchase. However a small number of sales we agree don't go ahead because the owner pulls out due to a change in circumstances for example.
This is less than 1% compared to a fall through rate if you sell with an estate agent of about 30%. It's the No.1 reason people prefer to sell with us.

I'd like to see what other sellers think, where do I look?

Just go to our testimonials page to read what people have said about us in independently verified reviews. We're proud of them!